General Education Fund

Help our kids get ready for school, teaching them important preschool lessons.

More than 65% of the Belizean people live in poverty.  Children living in poverty do not complete high school.  Sponsoring a child’s educational needs will make a difference in their future success.

How You Can Donate:

Indicate On Every Donation: Donor’s Name – ECD Preschooler Kit


Build Belize Inc.



Build Belize Inc.

USA Mail Check Payment

Build Belize Inc.

7530 Beach View Drive

North Bay Village, FL 33141

(Memo – General Education Fund)

Belize Mail Check Payment

Build Belize Inc.

106 South Street

Belize City, Belize

(Memo – General Education Fund)

Wire Transfer or ACH

Beneficiary Bank: Chase Bank

Beneficiary Bank Address: 383 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Beneficiary Bank ABA: 021000021

Beneficiary Bank Swift: CHASUS33

Beneficiary Name: Build Belize Inc.

Street Address: 7530 Beach View Drive,

North Bay Village, FL 33141

Beneficiary Account: 795909370

Purpose of Wire: (Sender’s Name. General Education Fund)

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