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Build Belize Inc. Chair, Ambassador for Diaspora Relations, Official Hurricane Lisa Message

Author: Admin – November 05 2022

To all Belizeans:
On behalf of Belizeans in the diaspora, I send thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of Hurricane Lisa. While we are thankful that no lives were lost, we see many of our friends and families uprooted and stunned at what has been left behind. Many homes were damaged or destroyed  and the clean-up efforts are underway.  
Many in the Belizean diaspora have reached out asking how they can help. Like myself, we are prepared to help our fellow Belizeans rebuild their communities.  We will channel resources as quickly as possible so that those most adversely affected are reached.
We need to act quick, but we need to act in concert. Many organizations and individuals are doing great work for our communities, but we cannot get lost in the process and create confusion.  Let’s try to streamline the work we are doing and work together.  This way we can make a greater effort and have a wider impact. Let’s coordinate, collaborate, and consolidate our efforts.
For all those who want to donate financially, Build Belize Inc, a 501 c3 nonprofit organization, has set up a GoFundMe account in which the funds will be used for items that are immediate and pressing throughout this recovery process. Please check out  You may also contact Build Belize Inc at for additional information.
Many drop off points for supplies and necessities have been established. These include:
Mr. Ian Marchand in Dallas, TX (214-336-9691)
Bow’s Taste of Belize in Houston, TX (281-670-5177)
Ms. Solie Cruz in Orlando, FL (504-261-6679)
Belize Freight Warehouse in Miami, FL (832-403-1627)
Ms. Yessenia Zetina in Naples, FL (239-601-2673)
Mr. Michael Bevans and Ms. Angelica Sarmiento in San Bernadino, CA (909-683-4310)
AIM Belize Freight in Los Angeles, CA (973-388-5886)
Ms. Leesah Castanedez in Los Angeles, CA (818-357-8892)
Mr. Martin Lawrence in Los Angeles, CA (661-675-7577)
Ms. Gilda Swasey in Miami, FL (954-547-6299)
Ms. Heather Johnson in Pembroke Pines, FL (954-860-1000)
These individuals and businesses have generously volunteered their time and service. These are only a handful at this time, but I am sure many more will come to the table.
Please reach out to the Diaspora Relations Unit at 501-227-9581 or Cell/WhatsApp: 501-615-5156 or Email: to get more information as to how you can assist in the recovery of our great Belize.
May we continue to show resilience and solidarity in these difficult times.
With gratitude,
Sandhya Murphy
Ambassador for Diaspora Relations