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Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Author: Admin – November 24 2022

The Build Belize Inc. family would like to take this time to wish all Belizean families, supporters, and friends at home and abroad a Happy Thanksgiving!! We are thankful for each and everyone one of you.

As we celebrate this time, let’s reflect on all our many blessings.  We are grateful to all families and friends who have dedicated their time to assist us in bettering our communities and all our generous donors who wholeheartedly have given back.

Our team continues to stand committed to Build Belize Inc’s MISSION of empowering and improving lives through education, health, and community service; and, VISION of creating a community where every person has the resources and opportunities needed to reach their full potential and not be defined by their circumstances.   

May everything good be bestowed unto you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

With gratitude always,

Sandhya Murphy

Chair of Build Belize Inc