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Ministry of Tourism & Diaspora Relations Supports Belize Association of Houston Fun Day

Author: Admin – May 23 2023

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 – On Saturday, May 13, the Ministry of Tourism & Diaspora Relations (MTDR) actively participated in the Belize Association of Houston Fun Day event held in Houston, Texas. This vibrant gathering brought together approximately 200 Belizeans residing in the Houston area, with the primary objective of fostering connections with the Belizean community.
Representing the MTDR were Ms. Sandra Mahler, Senior Liaison Officer, and Ms. Kalia Brandon. They took the opportunity to disseminate valuable information about the objectives and services of the Diaspora Relations Unit. They also highlighted the Diaspora Returnee Incentive Program (DRIP), which is now managed by MTDR. Additionally, information was shared about Build Belize Inc. and its noteworthy initiatives, including the impactful Donate to Educate campaign.
In addition to distributing giveaway items that comprised mainly of Belizean products, the MTDR’s presence enabled the delegates to address inquiries and concerns of Belizeans who attended the event. The topics of interest ranged from passport renewal and property tax payment to information on how to make donations to Belize, as well as various other related matters. The MTDR also raffled several gift bags, and lucky winners were selected from among those who registered in the Registry.
Looking ahead, the MTDR is committed to fostering ongoing collaboration with Belizean organizations in key cities where Belizeans reside. Such partnerships will expand the reach and engagement with Belizeans living abroad. These events provide invaluable opportunities for the MTDR to reinforce and strengthen its relations with the Belizean diaspora.