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COFECA Annual Parade in Los Angeles

Author: Admin – October 20 2023

COFECA, also known as the Central American Confederation, is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to Central American affairs in the country. Its mission is twofold: to pass down cherished traditions to the younger generation of Central Americans and to foster unity among all Central American countries. Every year, it orchestrates the Grand Festival and Annual Parade within the city of Los Angeles. This celebration kicks off with a week-long extravaganza, featuring an exhibition of culinary traditions, arts and culture, captivating music and dance performances, a grand gala, and reaches its pinnacle with a vibrant parade.
This year’s Grand Festival and Annual Parade took place on the 16th and 17th of September. This special occasion was a commemoration of the Independence Day for multiple Central American nations and a tribute to all the rich and diverse cultures within Central America. Vendors and artisans showcased their savories, craftsmanship and products at a local park while the parade featured intricately decorated floats adorned with vibrant colors of each participating country's flag. Official dignitaries, graceful dancers, talented musicians, and elegant beauty queens from a myriad of Central American nations came together to partake in the festivities.
Meanwhile, enthusiastic spectators reveled in a delightful showcase of national pride and unity and enjoyed delicious delicacies from the different countries.
Ambassador Murphy emphasized, “This event unites the diverse cultures and rich traditions of all Central American nations. The numerous diaspora communities in Los Angeles serve as the vital link connecting us to our respective homelands.”
Representing Belize were distinguished individuals including Sandhya Murphy, Ambassador for Diaspora Relations, and L.A. City Commissioner Rashad Rucker-Trapp. Other representatives included Ms. Angelica Sarmiento, Distinguished Citizen of Belize (LA); Ms. Carol Jaye Smith, Queen of Belize (LA); and Ms. Christine Ferrera, Active Volunteer, Cultural Speaker of Belize and Etiquette Coach and Trainer (LA), among others.